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100+ Aesthetic Bio for Instagram to Spice up Your Profile

"There are a lot of aesthetic bio for Instagram for girls and boys options that you can choose from dark, savage, or baddie theme, see here."

aesthetic bio for instagram

You surely want to have that attractive Instagram profile which can grab everyone’s attention right away. Instagram is not only about the picture you post but also the bio you put besides your name. So if you want to spice up your profile then you need aesthetic bio for Instagram.

How to Create Aesthetic Bio for Instagram

1. Choose short quote

You want people to be able to read the bio quickly so try to choose short quote. Do not worry as long as you choose something sweet then you can still grab everyone’s attention.

2. Include keywords

If you are influencer or you want to reach certain audience to see your Instagram then you can also include keywords. This that way people can find your profile when they search for those keywords.

3. Show your own personality

Instagram is not only social media but also a way to show your brand. So, it is important to show your own personality in it. Do not copy people, instead add something that you really believe in.

4. Do not use too much emoji

We all know that when creating aesthetic bio for Instagram you might want to use those aesthetic emoji. While the emoji does make your Instagram bio look cute but do not use too much emoji. Because it will impact the accessibility as people might not be able to read it. And it also make your profile hard to read.

5. Keep it fresh

You want to keep your bio fresh by updating it regularly. You can try to change your bio so your follower can keep up with what happen. Outdated bio will make you lose follower since they might think you rarely check your Instagram.

Aesthetic Bio for Instagram for Girls

Girls surely want to have aesthetic bio that will show the things that they love. If you have certain things that you love then you need to include it in your Instagram bio. Choose the words that will match well with the aesthetic that you like. Here are some of the examples you can use:
  • There is beauty in every moments
  • Minimalist vibes lover
  • Seeing art in all form
  • It’s all about the aesthetic
  • Aesthetic is love
  • Girl boss aesthetic
  • Good vibes and aesthetic
  • Everything is beautiful
  • Finding love and joy in everything
  • Living for the beauty and aesthetic
  • Don’t take anything for granted
  • Love your life love yourself
  • Kindness is free
  • I don’t need a hero I am the hero
  • There is beauty inside everything
  • Be your authentic self
  • My goal is to be uplifting and inspire other
  • Love and kindness for all
  • Do not be afraid to chase your dream
  • Creating the life that I love

Aesthetic Bio for Instagram for Boys

Of course boys also have their own aesthetic. You surely do not want to be leave behind by everyone else so you need to also put something aesthetic. If you have certain hobby then you can try to put it in your bio. Here are some of the examples boy can use to make their Instagram bio more aesthetic:
  • Born a king
  • Express not impress
  • The only person to impress is myself
  • Success is style to be earn
  • Dream boy
  • Love all sports
  • Chasing boundless experience
  • Being active is the way of life
  • Living my dream and success
  • All it take is one step to start your successful journey
  • Being me is the goal
  • If reality is wrong then dream is reality
  • I do not day dream I do night thinking
  • I do not try to be trendy or cool I just am
  • Stop being in the dark and start living as yourself
  • A man who cannot imagine do not have wings
  • Boring is hate life is love
  • Be the trend setter not following trend
  • Enjoying life rollercoaster until the end to see all entertainment I can get along the way
  • Stay cool stay aesthetic

Short Aesthetic Bio for Instagram

Instagram bio has limited word count. So, if you already fill your bio with other information then you need to put something short and sweet. Do not worry since even with short words you can still show off your aesthetic. Here are some short bio that you can use in your Instagram:
  • Believe in love
  • Proud to be me
  • Soul nurturer
  • Charming and whimsical
  • I’m born to success
  • Be kind
  • Spreading love
  • Beautiful mind
  • Your supportive friend
  • Doing better
  • Vanlife traveler
  • Style maven
  • Hug for everyone
  • I’m fabulous
  • Be real
  • Espresso friend
  • Living my life
  • Profitable and pretty
  • Love life
  • Aesthetic enthusiast
  • Attitude galore
  • Stay humble
  • Rise sunshine

Dark Aesthetic Bio for Instagram

Something dark can also be aesthetic at the same time. So, if you love dark aesthetic then you can still try to put dark quotes in your Instagram. Of course, you should also make it aesthetic so it will still appear interesting. Here are some of the dark aesthetic quotes that you can use in your Instagram:
  • Dark is the way dark is the aesthetic
  • Darkness can also show you the way
  • In world full of darkness just look up and see the stars
  • I live in the dark I live in the success
  • Forget the light embrace the darkness
  • My life is as bitter as my morning coffee
  • I’ll bring darkness to your life
  • I never seen myself since I am born
  • Embracing the power of the dark
  • I exist within the darkness
  • Finding power in the dark
  • Proudly walk in the dark
  • It is not a nightmare it is my situation
  • Wrapped inside the darkness
  • Staring far into the abyss
  • I still smile even in pain, that’s how I exist
  • Death taste better than dark chocolate
  • Depress warrior
  • Bad day went away bad life stays
  • I am the darkness I am the way
  • Even in darkest moment you can just focus so you can see the light
  • My personality is as dark as my coffee
  • Do not fear the darkness embrace it instead
  • I make the rule and the rule is darkness

Savage Aesthetic Bio for Instagram

If you are someone who like to be savage then you can also put savage quotes in your Instagram bio. This is an aesthetic that can make your bio looked unique and different. So, it can capture more attention. Here are a few savage aesthetic bio that you can put in your Instagram:
  • Be unapologetically savage
  • Attitude queen
  • Stay cool stay savage
  • I’m Savage and unpredictable
  • I’m not bad just savage
  • I only care for those that love me
  • I’m classy and sassy
  • I’m the queen of ice I freeze you with my words
  • Do not be average be savage
  • I’m not rude I’m just savage
  • My life might be a mess but it’s better than your life
  • Savage is not fashion its personality
  • 30% savage, 20% heartless, 20% annoying and 30% sarcastic
  • I’m not judging I’m stating facts
  • I’m savage because I don’t want to be average
  • 50% sweetheart 50% savage
  • You can be savage in this world since everyone allowed to be anyone
  • Confidence is my crown savage is my throne
  • Never apologize for being honest
  • I’m naturally savage you can’t civilized me
  • I know I am right and that is all that matters
  • Facts do not need a filter
  • Sarcasm is like a sword, it can stab you
  • You can’t blame me for speaking the truth

Baddie Aesthetic bio for Instagram

If you have baddie aesthetic then you need to put it in your Instagram bio. This style might not be for everyone but if you are sure this is your aesthetic then you need to show it to your follower. Here are some of baddie quotes that can be the aesthetic on your Instagram:
  • Be bad not mad
  • Attitude problem
  • I am the baddie
  • It’s not a race cause I’m always number one
  • I do not copy I create
  • You do not like me? See if I care
  • I’m not running from my problem, I kick them away
  • Even my look will kill you
  • I’m not basic I’m baddie
  • It’s good if you love me but better if you hate it
  • I don’t care what you think, I am me
  • Feel free to hate me
  • I know you want to be bad like me
  • Your foolishness ruin the tone of my song
  • I’m not going to hurt you, karma will find its way to do it for me
  • My choice my rule
  • I’m the king and I’m the queen
  • I don’t care about people but people care too much about me
  • Born to be different so what
  • I’m a 10 but baddie
  • I’m busy being a baddie
  • If you butter just be better next time
  • Do be afraid to fight for what you believe in
  • I be myself cause I’m perfect
  • I don’t need your opinion
  • I don’t care if you like me
  • I dont' care what you think of me, I dont think you at all

As you can see there are a lot of aesthetic bio for Instagram options that you can choose from. Remember to only choose quotes that actually match your personality since it will be your brand.
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